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Diversity Community Group is  a community of global DEIB practitioners who want to support and uplift each other in our work.

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If you’re like us, we put community over everything. This is how we take care of our own once you join DCG.


The way this is successfully happening is through community building and the mindset of giving support and asking for help. We’re not about burn out culture.

Professional Development

We do this through curated monthly events, sharing tools and resources, co-created tools and resources, and cross pollination of cross generational knowledge sharing.

Bridge all levels of DEIB Practitioners

We do this by sharing our networks, opportunities, and when we can, give time to each other.

We welcome you to come as you are.

Protective hairstyles, kids, partners, kittens, hats, and, if you're like the founder, a cafécito in hand.

When we're together, we laugh, and we have fun. We're also serious about sustaining our health so we can serve the organizations and communities we work with or within.

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Our community is thriving from sharing and learning from each other.

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Attend an event

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Speak at an event

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I get so much out of DCG events. Their selection of speakers are always on point!

I love DCG and how welcoming they are. Truly a space where I can be myself.

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Our amazing dream team.

All who have supported us while on this journey to greater workplace equality.

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And all who are standing and fighting with us.

DEIB Directory Coming Soon

*The DEIB Directory is a database of DEI professionals in our community showcasing their various skills, businesses, work and experiences. Would you like to join us? Become a member to get the lastest updates.  Wouldn't you like to find us easier? Us too.

Give back to add value, bring joy, and have a positive impact on the lives of others

Join DCG.
We have plenty of room!

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