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We want to experience the stage with you.

Why is community so important to us?

The essence of creating an alternative future comes from citizen-to-citizen engagement that constantly focuses on the well-being of the whole.

Peter Block
Author of Community: The Structure of Belonging

What type of events do we host?


To sustain the hearts of the DEIB practitioners community, we host events on a needed basis and when we’re able to get an experienced practitioner to hold space for us for those seeking community during turbulent times.

Four people looking towards a sunrise with their arms around each other.


To normalize a community effort to get to our individual goals, our goal is to host events for those who need some help and/or are open to sharing resources, advice, or to barter.

a hand giving a black paper heart to someone else's hand


To experience collective learning and empower our members by sharing the DCG stage, we try to host monthly learning events on a Friday at noon PST for the curious minds and critical thinkers.

someone typing on a laptop.

This is a brave space for you to share.

Ready to take the stage?

How we support our speakers

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Speaking Concept

We are creative at helping you craft your topic. It can be as simple or complex as you want it. Chat with us for a brainstorm session.

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What we give

We promote your product, service, brand, podcast, etc. and provide you with a brave space to test your workshop or speaking materials and get feedback from other DEIB practitioners.

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How we can help prep

We have trained speakers willing to provide coaching. No question is too big or too small. And we're ready for that last-minute help and reasonable requests. We execute a thorough promotional plan.

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Day of event

We want this to be an effortless experience for you. We run a 5-minute slideshow to spotlight our speaker(s) and let the audience can trickle in. We provide the agenda and community guidelines and manage the chat. There will always be 1-2 DCG host(s) present.

Sharon Hurley Hall

"I was honoured to be asked to speak on the DCG stage, and I'm so glad I did. The event was well-organised and great fun, and Katherine asked some probing and interesting questions.


She said at the start that she didn't want the event to be boring - and it definitely wasn't. I felt that everyone there was engaged and energized, which was great for me as a speaker. As a bonus, I made some contacts that will help with my next project.


It's well worth your time, and I'd definitely do it again."

- Sharon Hurley Hall, Author, I'm Tired of Racism


This is how we want to flourish in the years to come


We currently have 300 members. We aim for a 50% increase in growth and maintain a completely free program model.


Curated, live events with real-time responses to community needs. This includes office hours with the founder and our monthly lineup of learning, healing and exchange events.


a microphone

We want to invite senior leaders, entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts to take the stage and hear inspirational stories from one another.

Systematize & Sustain

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Create a strategy that will support our DCG leadership in focusing on you, the DCG community. This involves having a single executive sponsor who will fund a portion of our operations.

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