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DCG is thriving because of what our members have given

You may be thinking...

Give? Y'all... my cup is dry, parched and thirsty.

Or, you may be thinking...

Give? Give what?

Giving can come in many different ways, from big to small. We will take what you can give and we will give back to you. This is our exchange.

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Here are ways you can give

Join our stage



Learn more
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Here are other ways DCG members have given in the past

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Reacting to posts in our Linkedin Group

Candles from their side hustle for raffles

Saying hello to new members

Show up to events

Coming to drop-in hours to chat with our founder

Providing feedback to our team

Sharing reflections after DCG events

Volunteering to help us execute an event

Sharing a resource with a DCG member

Connecting us with future speakers

Asking for event topics

Co-facilitating an event

Doordash gift cards for raffles

Using our #DCGEvents

Sharing job opportunities

Books for raffles

Lead us in creating our vision and mission

Hoodies for raffles

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